Mitzvah Treehouse - #1

For the next 24 hrs you can rent episode #1 for only 0.99! Use coupon code: MTH

Mitzvah Treehouse, is an interactive series, geared towards our younger audience. Featuring the energetic and popular Rogers Park duo, they teach all about mitzvos through song and drama.

Your kids will sing along to the songs that they are already familiar with, and will clap along to the ones they don't know yet. But will get to know fast!

Also featuring in Mitzvah Treehouse is our silly chicken puppet, Shaya who makes quite an appearance when popping up in the Treehouse after the duo built it. Shaya, and the Rogers Park band make for a great series!

Your kids will be asking for more episodes, after watching this one. And there will be- because Mitzvah Treehouse and Friends will be launching soon. In the meantime, go ahead and check out Episode 1!