Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign up to Torah Treasure?

Torah Treasure is recognized for high quality, educational videos. In today’s day and age, even very young children spend time watching videos. So why not make it an entertaining and educational experience?

How many videos do i get to watch?

The Torah Treasure library contains hours of fun and learning. We will also hope to be adding NEW and EXCLUSIVE content regularly to the site.

Is it expensive?

It’s about $.27 a day! (annual plan), which is a lot cheaper than a snack or a babysitter! It’s also more convenient than building your own library. DVDs can easily become scratched, cracked or lost, especially when touched by tiny hands. With the Torah Treasure, you can get the most play out of your favorite video without having to take special care of it.

What if i only want 1 or 2 videos?

Some individual videos are also available to rent for only $9.99!

I can log into my account but the video won’t play!

If you have a filter (even if you allowed our site) it probably is stopping the video from playing. Please speak to your filter provider and see how you can enable our videos. If you don’t have any filter and are still having trouble, please let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Do you have an app?

YES! We have an app for iPhone/iPad and Android-powered devices so your kids can watch videos on almost any device, any time, and in any place you’d like. 

Can i watch videos without WiFi?

You can download videos to your actual device, (only with the app) so when you don’t have WiFi you can still watch the videos you downloaded.

Can i share my password?

Sorry! Only the family who paid to signup can use it. Think of it as sharing your toothbrush. If everyone shared accounts we wouldn’t be able to continue creating amazing content. By signing up you get to enjoy great content and help us create more!

We can see in our back end if an account has above average “log-ins” and “videos plays”, we reserve the right to freeze you account until verified that your password has not been shared.

Each account can have up to 3 devices logged in at the same time. 

Are your videos copyright?

Yes! According to EVERY Rav (From Rav Eliashev to Rav Moshe Feinsten and Rabbi Shochet) all say that copying/sharing is stealing, (one of the aseres hadibros!) it’s like walking into a store and taking a bottle of milk without paying.

Refunds are provide on accidental purchases such as “my child accidentally pressed buy/rent” and unwanted/unauthorized subscription renewal.

If we see in our back end that the video has been accessed multiple times and enjoyed, no refund will be provided.

The videos wont play!

If your videos wont load, the first thing we advise is to check if you have a filter. Sometimes even enabling our site will still be blocked and you will need to call the filtering company to have them enable the videos.

I can’t log in?

First thing would be to check your email and see if the spelling is correct. If your still having trouble please email us.

For additional questions please email info@TorahTreasure.com

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